My name is Heather Louise and I move around a lot. I grew up splitting my time between a rural community in Idaho, the Suburbs in Washington, and the 735 miles in between (and about 500 miles surrounding).  I’ve been on the go ever since. I tend to get out of sorts if without a regular change of scenery. I’ve moved 10 times in the past 6 years.  In the summer of 2010, with nothing to lose, my family and I packed what we couldn’t sell and moved to Boston, MA.  So far we’ve had some big trials, but it’s still the best thing we’ve ever done.
For as long as I could remember I’ve been writing. This blog is meant to be a venue for honing that skill. As the mother of two fantastic kids, I write plenty about them and life as a parent, but I lack the domestic niche that would qualify this with other “Mommy Blogs.” I also love to knit, and show my projects from time to time, but I wouldn’t really call this a “Knitting Blog” either. I feel that this blog has a much more general topicality centered on my life as a young person with a family trying to get by while following our dreams.  But the great thing about a blog is that it’s a community project, and if there is something that readers comment that they want me to write about, I’m more than happy to obliged!
I have full intentions of keeping this blog a happy place. I reserve the right to delete any comments I deem unfriendly. Everyone is entitled to their opinion and anyone is welcome to disagree with whatever is posted. But I will not tolerate anything I decide is rude or hurtful, so before you flame, remember the little red box in the corner of the screen. 

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