Thursday, April 12, 2012

Really Bad Hair Day

Would you hire her?

   Today I went to my first job interview in over seven years. Can you say nerve-wracking? What’s worst, the sky was absolutely falling in big globby drops. My umbrella was destroyed by the kiddoes, so by the time I got there I was soaked. I push my bangs out of my face when they’re wet, so I had Hitler hair for my interview.
   The place isn’t bad- not my first choice, but the hours are perfect and well- it’s a company that hosts fundraisers for progressive political campaigns (Obama 2012, Planned Parenthood, Sierra Club, etc), so I feel strongly about a lot of the work themes. They were impressed with my knowledge of how their computer system works; in the town where I grew up, working at the telephone survey company was an adolescent rite of passage. Beyond that, the interview consisted of quizzing me on current events, which I have to say was pretty fun.
   Anyway, they want me back on Monday, Hitler hair and all, and I’m keeping my email open in case anyone else responds too. Registration for summer classes starts Tuesday. So let’s see what happens. 


  1. That sounds like it went well. That's exciting. I am glad you are blogging. I always enjoy reading what you write.

    1. Thanks so much, Keri! I appreciate you and your support with all my heart!