Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Tuesdays with Jason

   Yesterday I had my final interview/first day of training. It went well, and I met some cool people, but this isn't about me. The kiddoes and I met Jason at the the Park Street subway stop. As I made my way up through colorful groups of marathoner entourages, Jason took the Green Line to the Christian Science Center. There the three of them had a great time cooling off. They cheered on the last few runners struggling up Boylston Street. Jason cheered for Cal and Lala as they ran sprints to the bus stop. And I got my favorite Jason-quote of the week:

   "We saw that street artist again and I bought more art that you hate. I'll put it in the bathroom." 

   For the record, I actually really like one piece he brought home. It fits the living room perfectly. 

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