Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Tuesdays with Jason

Jason is my best friend. He keeps things positive, upbeat, and always interesting. I present, a collection of recent Jason Quotes:
  • "It's like I spend my whole life putting you back together, and then your parents come along and say stuff like 'Do you have edema?'"
  • "This smells like the Butt of Ages."
  • "When California legalized fruit-human marriages, Stan gave the pineapple a hearty smooch." 
  • When asked why we are only 2nd degree contacts on, "Because we don't have enough sex."
  • "Until this very moment, I didn't know what you meant either."
  • "Apparently other people have different ideas of what a college party would entails." 
  • "I bought them toys- I'm such a bad father!" 

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