Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Happy Best-Two-Days-of-the-Year!

We survived Sandy safe and sound, and I've lived to see another birthday. I admit this one is a bit weird- good, but weird. I'm officially at that age- that age where things need to be moving. Like, sure, I've still got plenty of time, but I should have something to show for my time by now.
Good thing I'm almost finished with this script. My ideal day would involve getting off work and going home to find the kids pooped out from a great day, the house in moderate order, and to settle down an finish the story. Then, of course, to send it to one of my writing-savvy friends to read and tell me it's brilliant.
Tomorrow Jase and I are going as Death and Dream from The Sandman comic series. I think we'll take the kids to Beacon Hill. What are your plans for Halloween?

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