Saturday, July 30, 2011

Just Shoot The Hat

     Oh! how ridiculous- it occurred to me the other day 'I have a blog called the Perpetual Vagabond. I've been traveling almost nonstop for weeks, and not even because I wanted or planned to- but I haven't written or taken a picture the whole time!'  I would probably less forgiving of myself  if circumstances had been more pleasant.
     When Jason came home from work on June 28th I was in a scramble to throw on a decent top and some make-up. We had two days to be ready and out of the apartment, we didn't have a new place lined up, and I didn't know when we'd get another chance to take photos of the finished Berklee hat. We'd been packing all day, so the kids and I hadn't even really gotten dressed- shorts and flip-flops were flying, I was shouting "We're losing light!" and we barreled down the stares in a comic cloud of dust and limbs.
     The conversation that followed went something like this:
"OK, just get some good shots of the hat."
"Right. Go over there. Now look up. K put your hand over there."
"Shoot the hat. You don't need to see below my shoulders."
"I know, I know- it's cool. Go over there I want to get the light post."
"Jason, shoot the hat!"
"It's cool! I want it to tell a story,"
"What are you talking about? I just need a couple good shots of the hat!"
"Like a clothing catalog."
"That's not going to work! Just shoot the hat!"
"It looks great- just trust me."
     We had some fun taking the photos, I felt like a total doofus, but we enjoyed the beautiful street we were on and playing around with the kids.
     Later that night, when Jason uploaded the shots to his computer he said to me "I think we're going to have to do this again. I should've just shot the hat." I had a good laugh over that.


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