Thursday, June 23, 2011

The Migration of the Atlantic Hermit Crab

It's been over a week since I touched a knitting needle or yarn, except to clean them up or put them away. I know- I've tried to schedule a psych appointment, but the clinic is pretty backed up right now.

 In all actuality, the bulk of my time has been devoted to stressing, freaking, and hunting the web till my eyes go bloodshot, that goes with trying to find a new apartment as soon as possible. This has been especially difficult, given that the Boston Housing Market has a peculiar seasonal behavior unlike anywhere else in the country- maybe the world, by my knowledge- which is heavily influenced by the concentration of universities and the like. The rule of thumb is that all leases in Eastern Massachusetts start and end on September 1st, but it's a little more curious than that. Ten months of the year, apartments are scarce to the point of legendary. Then, at the end of April, a coveted handful of apartments crops up. The graduating class, transfers, and newly-christened "Young Professionals," (and let's face it- drop-outs that can't get Mom and Dad to pay for their partying any more) have flown the coup, leaving their landlords scrambling to fill their vacancies. But as the days get hotter, these early bloomers get fewer and fewer. That is, of course, until August. By the last week of August, a prospective tenant may very well have their pick of residence. I've literally seen processions, of real estate agents and clients taking turns for viewings. Of course, one problem arising from scheduling and entire metropolitan area for moving simultaneously is the outlandish traffic. My theory is that August 30-September 2 is what sets up the entire reputation of Massachusetts drivers.

Anyway, despite everything, we seem to have found a place for us from the Spring Flee. It's not a done deal, but I feel like I can finally chill with my charts and yarn.

As per my hat pattern, I'm practically done. It's lovely, it's exactly what I wanted, and I've stalled. Jason finally started his full time position, and we couldn't be happier or more grateful about it, but my once on-call-jack-of-all-trades partner is now technically only available for photo shoot assistance in the evenings and on weekends. I haven't even had time to knit, much less time to get gussied up for picture worth publishing. Hopefully, I'll have something before the week is out.

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