Thursday, October 6, 2011

Burned, and a Close Shave

Playing in the New Apartment
I had a beautiful post last night. OK, maybe it wasn't the best stuff, but it was good, and I had worked on it for hours and hours during whatever time I had over the course of several days. It was all about how after weeks of couch surfing we finally were settling into a new apartment and all these little serendipitous events (like my landlord and her room mate having combined expertise in what I want to study when I go back to school next year)  that were were making me optimistic. Then I wrote a bunch about my knitting group and how much it's meant to me to have some sort of anchor in a free-floating situation and that it had taught me a few things about how to keep my sanity in the future, as I have no memory or future plans that don't involve travel.

I should have seen it as an omen when none of my photos would load.

I must have hit "Publish" six times before I navigated away from the page, certain it would be posted and pretty on my front page. It wasn't. I went back to the drafting page, and everything was gone.

Thankfully, my word processor has an auto-save function that I discovered this morning, when I thought I'd lost the final draft of my pattern for the Berklee hat. That was close.

Knit Night is tonight, my anniversary and Cal's first day of school (on account of our late move-in-date) are tomorrow, and my first Rhinebeck is in 9 days- and that's just the first half of the month...

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