Monday, May 14, 2012

The Bright Side of Monday

   Mondays can be pretty detestable. Thank you Captain Obvious. But so can a lot of other things be, depending on how you look at them. So today I've been trying to take a page out of my Lala's book and look on the bright side (she is the most optimistic child ever!)
  • Monday means tomorrow is Tuesday: Tuesday is Pay Day! I get to go grocery shopping with my new cook book in tow. I get to go to my new job that I love. I'm so getting something new to wear for work! Maybe that dress I've been drooling over for a week. 
  • My aching back means that I've got one hellofa clean kitchen! 
  • I have a wonderful, supportive husband who's been showering me with positiveness all day.
  • There are French bulldogs in the world. 
What's on your bright side? 

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