Monday, June 4, 2012

Being the Boss

I decided that I never want to be a business owner. Maybe cool enough to have a personal assistant some day, but there's no way I want to interview and hire an entire staff. And all I've had to experience so far is the vetting of babysitters.
   We've gone through every avenue from spreading the word at church to posting job adds on the Harvard website, to looking up postings on Craigslist. What we've come up with seem to be of two camps.

On the One Hand: 

  • Has experience babysitting or working as a nanny for a friend. 
  • Uses an excess of typos and grammatical errors, including the non-word "alot"
  • Moved hear for "personal reasons" 
  • Expects to be paid anywhere from $5-10 more than I make. 
On the Other Hand: 
  • Has a BA in one of the following: Psychology and Cognitive Neuroscience, Global Health and Population with a minor in Arabic Studies; Performing Arts and Theater
  • Speaks French, Spanish, Arabic, and/or Chinese
  • Volunteered with Special Olympics in Africa, Habitat for Humanity in Venezuela, or worked as an Au Pair in France. 
  •  How can I possibly ask you to take minimum wage? But please babysit my kids! 

I'm just trying to figure out how other people do it. 

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