Monday, June 11, 2012

Comics are for Everyone!

   My camera is broken, and I think that is what has been holding up my posts, for the most part. But this will be the last post without good photos. The game's afoot. For, you see, I received my first paycheck today, and I know exactly where it is going, after I set aside for fall tuition. 
   In the mean time, I've been eyeballs deep in this new writing project. I completely underestimated how fun it would be! I'm learning so much. I think the first thing I'm learning is to not be afraid. Instead of worrying about writing a stunning conglomerate of words- just telling the story exactly how I want the story to be told and letting the rest follow. Instead of stopping from inexperience of the style, just making it legible and fixing the format as I learn. Instead of molding a mediocre story around what I know, molding an awesome story around things that I'm researching the heck out of. 
   I have to say that something else that excites me, is that I'm excited about it. I haven't been this excited about a project in a long time, and it feels better than ever. 
   So then, here are a few of my favorite web comic, to give you a little taste of the kind of fun that is out there to be had. Web comics for people who don't really troll for web comics: 

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