Monday, February 6, 2012

Screw the Ground Hog

Things have never happened to me. Not really- I don't think. I've always had to stick my neck out and make them happen. I think this is why I hate winter. I tend to hold up in my apartment and fret whenever winter rolls around. Needless to say, Cabin Fever is chronic. I've been grateful for the mild weather we've had this year, though it's not been mild enough to get me out a whole lot. I do, however, feel that I've been more motivated this winter than perhaps ever.
It's been a blessing and a curse.
While I do everything I can think of to get my wheels going at my goals, in between milestones is a lot of waiting. And waiting. And restlessness, and more waiting. The hardest part is that I have the motivation to write, but I'm not generating ideas. Screw the groundhog! I'm bored; I need an adventure!
Perhaps tomorrow, when I've applied for a few more jobs or bugged the places I've already applied to.
How do you find adventure?

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