Monday, March 19, 2012

Take Me Back to Manhattan

Reunited With My Tribe
Sometimes, when life feels like it's spinning out of control and you can't find your footing, there's nothing like getting the hell out of Dodge. When I need to do just that, I take advantage of my New York Safety Net(work).
Saturday night we went out to dinner at Lillie's which was decked out in green and orange and blasting every Irish band except the Pogues (much to my dismay). The atmosphere of the overall establishment was a lot of fun. We all commented on the fun pictures, pretty sconces, and antique mirrors. If only they could have gotten the orders right. Though they managed to get my salad right, there wasn't much to mess up besides lettuce and parm. But giving credit where owed, the dressing was fantastic.
Afterwards, the girls decided to hit the cinema for John Carter . I'll be straight, it was not what I expected. It was a lot better. Fun and imaginative- that's what it was. I could say something about stereotypical space-chick clothing (coughprincessleiabikinicough) or the Deuce Ex Ma-nephew, but in the end, it's fun, imaginative, and entertaining. And that's the most important part, right?
We engaged in great conversation, played with ferrets, and dreamed about the future. Did we solve all my existential conundrums? No. But the world seems a whole lot steadier from switching up the view with some good friends.

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